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Week of August 25

Greetings to all supporters and interested readers.  This is Michael Walker, director of the Office of Black Male Student Achievement (OBMSA) for Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). 

This blog is designed to chronicle the work being done by OBMSA in support of over 4,000 black male students in our school district. I want to inform the broader community of the many workings of OBMSA and provide information about upcoming activities and reflections on work thus far. 

The plan is to be transparent in our approach and outreach to members of the community. This blog is part of my commitment to be accessible and responsive.  I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@MPS_BlackMales) for the latest news about what we're doing. 

If you have further questions or concerns on the workings of OBMSA or just have feedback for me as I move forward in this endeavor, please email me at

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the OBMSA! The work continues.

Barbershop conversation on Aug. 15 at Dimensions in Hair

At a "Meet & Greet" hosted at the Davis Center, Aug 12

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